Fire + Fields : A Beltaine Tarot Spread

I’ve been reading cards since I got my first deck at the age of 12 – it has been an adventurous love affair ever since and one of my primary forms of divination – though the cards are useful for more than just reading our fates.  Many holidays and festivals are celebrated by the FURIOUSHORDE, including the fire festival of Beltaine.  Seasonal rites are opportunities to connect with both our inner and outer landscapes, reflecting the magickal maxim of Hermes Trismegistus “as above so below, as within so without.”  At Beltaine we have an opportunity to glimpse our slumbering selves dwelling deep below at Samhain (for these points on the wheel of the year mirror each other) as well as connect with our growing fires of desire, direction, and determination.


1. The slumbering self.  What is your shadow that remains dreaming from Samhain and the dark part of the year?  The unconscious murmuring that guides our bright year adventures.

2. The seedling.  Nurtured since the Vernal Equinox, the seedlings have grown into young plants.  What has been growing and now is ready for summer after spring?

3 + 4. The wood.  That which supports your fire – your ambitions, drive, work, relationships, and service to the world.

5 + 6. The sparks.  How your work is perceived agains the night and the multitudes of works in the universe.  Your particular role in community, family, romantic relationships, workplace, circle + more.  Also the way you spark fires in others (and, if you have, especially romantically).

7. The ember.  The fire we carry with us through the rest of the year until next Beltaine.  What should we seek to carry and preserve?  What path of desire are we to follow?

8. The year and a day vow.  What is the vow we are making this Beltaine to keep for a year and a day?  What can we be brave enough to change for that period that will best strengthen us?

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