First Harvest : A Lammas Tarot Spread


Our First Harvest tarot spread for Lammas invites us to take stock of the abundance in our lives, where we can give, what we should be receiving more of, and the skill sets that can lead to a successful harvest season.  Blessed First Harvest / Lammas / Lughnasadh!

1. Glowing. What is the most nourishing fruit (skill, offering to the world, ability) that you carry right now?

2. First Reaping.  What are you harvesting?  What are the fruits of your labor?  This may include completed projects, overcoming personal obstacles, and abundance of all kinds.

3. Scythe. What are the tools at your disposal to gather your harvest?  Tools include your professional and personal skills, your magickal practice, and your own perseverance.

4. Ripening. What is still ripening?  What needs time to further mature?

5. Changing.  What is changing within you as the dark of the year waxes?

6. Giving.  What ways can you share your abundance?

7. Receiving.  What do you need to receive more of in your life?  In other words, what are you most resistant to changing and accepting in that process of change?

8. Descending. As the dark year waxes, what do you need to focus on between now and the Autumnal Equinox to prepare?

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