Balancing : An Autumnal Equinox Spread

Mabon Tarot 2

The Autumnal Equinox (or Mabon as it has become popularly known because of the works of Aidan Kelly) is the second harvest of the wheel of the year in many a modern Pagan tradition.  Astronomically speaking, it is when the center of the Sun is matched to the Earth’s axis which means that day and night are of equal length for that time period.  We are firmly in the season of descent and the darkening year and the Autumnal Equinox is a time to gather together for a harvest feast, to take stock of what we have worked for all year and what will support us through the winter.  Our Autumnal Equinox Spread examines the need for balance and the preparation for descent as well as honoring the harvest by both giving and receiving.

1. Inhale.  What are you breathing in?  In other words, what are the sources of your vital energy during the season of the second harvest.  This card may point to balances or imbalances in consumption of food, time, stress, sleep, and other day-today activities.

2. Exhale.  What are you breathing out?  What are you shedding and undoing – how are you clearing your own body its  harvest work in order to allow for the strengthening fallowness of winter to take root?

3. Descent.  How are you preparing for the descent to Samhain?

4. Guide.  Tools of the journey.  These may be skills to use or guide(s) to build relationships with to help you navigate the descent to the realm of the Ancestors.

5. Harvest store.  What have you harvested this season – how has your hard work of the previous year manifested itself?

6. Harvest gifts.  What abundance of harvest do you have to share (or should share) with others?  This may be new skills or insights learned from your previous year’s work.  It also may be a reminder to repay the debts you owe others.

7. Balancing out.  What needs to be balanced by expanding your energy outwards?

8. Balancing in.  What needs to be balanced by retracting your energy inwards?

The deck shown is Rachel Pollack’s Shining Tribe Tarot.

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