Hallows: A Samhain Tarot Spread

Samhain Tarot 2

The third and final harvest festival of the year, Samhain is the end of the bright half of the year – the roots to Beltaine’s flowering branches.  The part of our selves that has been slumbering since Beltaine, awaken to the call of night, as we join the Spirits, Ancient Ones, Ancestors, Wild God/desses, and their horde as they clamber noisily throughout the land, welcoming in the new year.  Our Samhain Tarot Spread glimpses forwards and backwards through the malleability of time and the veil which shapes and bends with greater ease during the Hallows season.  The spread is an attempt to connect us with our oracular inclinations, to notice the omens, and to become a better omen ourselves.

The spread also has a companion reversal spread to engage in a deeper working with your Ancestors for the coming year, explained after the Hallows spread.

1. The Moon. A source of guiding illumination for the death/birth of the year.  A look at the big picture influences in your life at the moment.

2. The Path. A glimpse into the very near future.  Pay attention to particular images, symbols, and signs on this card as they may very well be pathmarkings and roadsigns for your be looking out for.

3. The Lantern. The point that you use as your current primary guide.  What has captivated your attention and that you are drawn by?  Reversals of this card may speak to a guiding point that is either dim and hard to see or one that is particularly illusory and not of great benefit to the seeker.

4. The Mask. What illusions are you maintaining for yourself or others?  These masks are not always meant to deceive, but often to protect, survive or adapt to the situation at hand.

5. The Bones. A reflection of ancestry, family, culture, heritage, etc.  Pay attention to the relics that you keep as symbols of these various heritages.  What purpose do they serve?

6. The Bonfire. What needs to be cleansed and offered to the fire in order to move through to the new year?

7. The Veil.  What is being revealed?  The parting of the veil affects us in sometimes subtle, sometimes intense ways.  What is being revealed about your deep self that usually remains hidden (whether purposefully or unconsciously)?

8. The Ancient Ones.  Guidance from Ancestors, Spirits, and/or Guides.


Flip the direction of the spread so that the point of the triangle points downwards or towards the reader.  Pulling new cards, the spread can be read for the coming year as guiding wisdom from your Ancestors for each season.

1. Samhain to Yule (Winter Solstice).

2. Yule (Winter Solstice) to Imbolc.

3. Imbolc to Spring Equinox.

4. Spring Equinox to Beltaine.

5. Beltaine to Midsummer (Summer Solstice).

6. Midsummer (Summer Solstice) to Lammas.

7. Lammas to Autumn Equinox.

8. Autumn Equinox to Samhain.

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