Darkest Night : Winter Solstice Divination Spread

Winter Solstice Yule Tarot Spread furioushorde

As we celebrate the longest night of the year we have an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our desires as they are reflected back at us by the dark mirror of night. The following spread plays with image of the mirror as well as the promise of growing light, helping us to seed our dreams and plant promise for the months ahead.

1. Asking. What do I desire but don’t let myself have? Or I’m afraid to have? Or afraid that I’ll never have?

2. Gifting. What would happen if I let myself receive the gift that I desire?

3. Releasing. What needs to be released in order for you to make space in your life for your desire?

4. Accepting. What lessons have you learned this past year that have strengthened your desire?

5. Dissonance. What is something that is dissonant in your life and is causing disharmony?

6. Resonance. What is something that is resonant in your life and causes harmony?

7. Guiding Star. A message of clarity to guide you on your path of desire.

8. Seeding Star. Something that should be “planted” that shall seed your desire. Your seed might be a practice, a move, a business change, or something else, that helps you grow into your desire over the coming months.

Visit our O R A C L E for more wheel of the year spreads.

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