Brightening : A Spring Equinox Tarot Spread


The Spring Equinox is a time of brightening.

It is a time of equal day and equal night when the Sun matches the Earth’s axis. From here on until the Summer Solstice the days will grow longer, the light lingering and the fields growing ripe with herb and grain. We are firmly in the season of ascent and the quiet of winter gives way to the cacophony of a buzzing earth. Our Spring Equinox examines the current balance of our lives, the gifts of the season, and how we prepare for the ascent into the growing bright.

  1. INHALE. What are you breathing in?  In other words, what are the sources of your vital energy during the season of spring.  This card may point to balances or imbalances in consumption of food, time, stress, sleep, and other day-today activities.
  2. EXHALE. What are you breathing out?  What are you shedding and undoing – how are you clearing from your own body its winter coat in order to allow space the fresh energy of spring?
  3. ASCENT. How are you preparing for the ascent to Beltane?
  4. GUIDE. Tools of the journey.  These may be skills to use or guide(s) to help you navigate the ascent into the bright half of the year.
  5. SEED. What are you planning to plant this season – what seeds have you saved from last year’s harvest or gathered anew that you are planning to grow?
  6. BUDDING GIFTS. What buds of spring are blossoming in your life? This card shows spring gifts, whether your own new or blooming skills or gifts from an outside source. It also may be a reminder to pay attention to the gifts you have already received.
  7. BALANCING OUT. What needs to be balanced by expanding your energy outwards?
  8. BALANCING IN. What needs to be balanced by retracting your energy inwards?

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